Save up to 25% on our most popular bakery & treat packaging!

Compostable Take Out Containers

Let's make the transition to zero waste easy! Our compostable take out collection is made from over 97% plant-based content and contains no BPAs, phthalates or other nasty chemicals. And with double sealed seams, sturdy materials and snap-fit lids for enhanced leak resistance, our rugged designs will help guard against saggy bottoms! 

Microwavable To Go

Say buh-bye to mushy paper trays! Our zero-waste 16, 24 and 32 oz. Microwavable To Go Containers are durable, leak resistant and designed for hot stuff. Made from 97% plant-based material, they’re commercially compostable and come in three hawt colors (because black is on its way out, btw). Cover up with two great lid options for deli take-out or delivery: an everyday anti-fog lid for crystal clear visibility on your store shelf or a translucent lid that your customers can pop right in the microwave.

biodegradable plates with food

Hot Cups & Lids

From the quick hit 12 oz. all the way up to the Monday morning 20 oz., you’ll get the same great perks. Plant-based materials? Yep. Chemicals of concern sitting next to hot liquids? No way! Compostable and biodegradable? Absolutely. Plus, let the world know you’re doing your part by showcasing the composability green stripe. That sweet cup of Joe might just have gotten a whole lot sweeter!

compostable coffee cup with compostable lid at desk


When customers hear your plates are made from 99% annually renewable plant-based material and contain no nasty chemicals harmful to human health or the environment, you’ll make it into their good books. But when the brumotactillophobes among them spot the multi-compartment options easing their food-touching irrational fears, you’ll be staying in!

biodegradable plates with food

Carry Out Boxes

Say goodbye to saggy bottoms and sauce-seepage and hello to tough guy durability and thick heat absorbent walls. Made with 99% plant-based content and no chemicals identified as harmful to human health or the environment. Imagine that!

biodegradable clamshell take-out box with burger


Elegant, sturdy and compostable! How’s that for a one-two-three punch? Made from extra durable plant-based material and designed for strength, our sleek matte black utensils won’t start melting away in the minestrone. Around our office, we even pop them in dishwasher and use them again and again. Don’t tell the new guy…

biodegradable silverware made of eco plant-based materials

Soup Bowls & Lids

So what do tomato soup, clam chowder and chocolate ice cream have in common? They all do a fantabulous job of ruining your new outfit! Our compostable plant-based bowls and sturdy, insulating lids are super sealable and leak resistant. We know lunch with no leaks = one happy camper, right?

biodegradable soup cup and lid for deli