Baked in bio-based goodness, and up to 60% off. Yes, please!

Eco-friendly, North American-made Plant-based Packaging 

We put our whole hearts into making sustainable food packaging from up to 99% plant-based materials. Ready to kick fossil fuels to the curb? Choose from a selection of earth-friendly packaging solutions that are free from BPAs, phthalates and other nasty chemicals.

We transform the latest bio-based technology into eco-friendly products made with no chemicals of concern, that are fully recyclable and BPI Certified Compostable.

With a keen focus on design and functionality, our plant-based packaging performs the same (if not better!) than traditional petroleum-based plastics that feature snappy (re)sealability and crush-resistant strength. We’re on a mission to provide an accessible assortment of earth-friendly packaging so its easy to make the switch to plant-based, today.