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GoodGuard™ & Simply Secure™

North America's Leading Assortment of 

Plant-based Tamper-Evident Food Packaging

We’ve expanded our line of plant-based, tamper-evident food packaging to make sure your goodies stay snuggled safe and secure on their road trip to the customer. Sporting all the important features you expect from good natured®, like durable plant-based materials, crystal clear visibility and super stackability, we've got two distinct closure options for you to "Lock" in.

Text image showing that Gooodguard is patent pending and has a no tearaway strip

Available exclusively from good natured®, our GoodGuard™ tamper-evident containers lock strongly on both sides thanks to our patent pending dual-hinged design. Multi-purpose for maximum versatility, there’s no need to double up with a wrapping label to keep your contents secure. Plus, the clamshell format keeps the lid and base together once the seal is broken, meaning less fumbling and fewer sharp edges for you and your customers.

Fruit and liquid flipped on edge in the container on show lthe locking tab


Dual-hinged tamper-evident 

design with a locking tab

microgreens in a Goodgaurd container showing the visibility.


Smooth walls for 360 degree visibility of your greens or deli dishes

Stack of three Goodguard containers each filled with fruit, microgreens and granola.


Crush-resistant & stackable space-maximizing design

Available in 8 oz., 12 oz., 16 oz., 24 oz., and 32 oz. sizes.

Simply Secure™

Proven tamper protection technology 

for specialty baked goods

Certified compostable Simply Secure™ tamper-evident packaging is perfect for those looking to add that extra level of security to their specialty bakery items. Made from 99% plant-based material, these containers offer the same smooth lines, drop-kick durability and easy stackability as always, but with an easy-to-use, perforated locking clasp to keep sticky fingers out until you’re ready to dig in. And you still get our signature resealable snaps to keep food super fresh so you can save some for later. Maybe…

Simply Secure continer with yummy cookies.