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Plant-Based, Eco Friendly Bakery Packaging 

Made from annually renewable plant-based material and no BPAs, phthalates or other nasty stuff, good natured® eco friendly, compostable bakery packaging is more than just drop-kick durable.

No matter what kind of specialty creation, our crystal-clear packaging with built-in snap seals will make sure it’s the (tiny) star of the show.

We don't know which came first, the cupcake or the muffin, but if nestled between snug grippers in drop-kick durable packaging, we know both will be a design masterpiece. 

Say goodbye to overlooked, crumbled cookies with sturdy plant-based packaging. 

Your treats come in all shapes and sizes, so our packaging does too. And with handy re-sealable snaps, you don’t have to eat them all at once… 

So delicious and oh-so-delicate. This packaging is designed to give your luscious treats their personal space. 

Keep your gorgeous creations looking and tasting like the pieces of art they are.

Better Everyday Products®

Made From Plants, Not Petroleum

Our everyday earth-friendly products combine the very latest in plant-based renewable materials with expert design and functionality. You can have your cake and eat it too! Learn more about how we're making good with purpose.

With design features such as easy stackability and crush-resistant strength, our bakery containers will ensure your goodies are the crème de la crème, no matter what size or shape. Don't see the perfect fit for your fabulous creations? Reach out to our team for customization options!

Our Most Popular Bakery Packaging

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