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      Baked Goods

      From mega cupcakes to the tiniest of bite-sized treats, we’ve got you covered. Made with 99% plant-based materials and no BPAs, phthalates or other nasty stuff, good natured® bakery packaging is more than just drop-kick durable. From snappy sealability to easy stackability, we’ll have you right-sizing your way to eco-friendly nirvana in no time. If only we could say the same about our waistlines!

      Classic Cupcakes & Muffins

      We don't know which came first, the cupcake or the muffin, but we know we have to cover all the heights from icing-free healthy muffins to sky-high cupcake creativity. So go ahead and pile on toppings with reckless abandon!

      eco-friendly cupcake container with 12 cupcakes

      recyclable cupcake container with 6 cupcakes

      Mini Cupcakes & Muffins

      The ultimate morsels of indulgence in a perfect bite. Let your petite treats shine in our sturdy packaging that looks like it's barely there. The challenge? Figuring out how to keep sneaky fingers away.

      compostable container for extra large cupcakes and muffins

      Mega Cupcakes & Muffins

      Of course bigger is better – we’re talking about baked goods, aren’t we? Keep your super-sized creations fresh and smoosh-free with our mega cupcake and muffin packaging.


      How does your cookie crumble? Our tiered cookie packaging is designed to make sure your cookies crumble when they’re supposed to – when you take that first scrumptious bite and not before. Guilt dividers help separate healthy (and we mean really healthy!) portions or different delectable flavors.

      compostable cookie packaging with 12 cookies

      Brownies & Bars

      These treats come in all shapes and sizes, so our packaging does too. Give each indulgent slice its own safe little roost with our tiered options or showcase the bars or brownies whole. Either way, the handy re-sealable snaps mean you don’t have to eat them all at once. Just saying…

      biodegradable brownie container with 6 rectangular treats

      Donuts, Danishes & Rolls

      So delicious and oh, so delicate. Our donut and danish packaging is designed to give your luscious treats their personal space so they don’t end up smooshed together. Built-in freshness seals mean you don’t have to eat them all at once.

      fancy bakery packaging for displaying and carrying artisan doughnuts

      Cakes, Pies & Loaves

      Have your cake and keep it fresh too. With crystal clear lids that show them off from top to bottom, our sturdy cake and pie packaging keeps your gorgeous creations looking and tasting like the pieces of art they are.

      biodegradable container for bakery loaf with angel food cake

      Specialty Bakery

      Éclairs, macarons, rosettes, croissants – ooh, la, la! No matter what size or shape your specialty creations are, our crystal clear packaging with built-in snap seal makes sure they’re the crème de la crème.

      elegant, biodegradable bakery to-go container for mini pecan pies or truffles