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Better Everyday Products® Made From Plants, Not Petroleum

Our everyday earth-friendly products combine the very latest in plant-based renewable materials with expert design and functionality. You can have your cake and eat it too! Learn more about how we're making good with purpose.

With design features such as easy stackability and crush-resistant strength, our bakery containers will ensure your goodies are the crème de la crème, no matter what size or shape. Don't see the perfect fit for your fabulous creations? Reach out to our team for customization options! We can also take care of you bulk and wholesale needs as well.

Artsy Drawing of a Cupcake container with actual Cupcakes

Our Most Popular Bakery Packaging

Sustainable 8 oz. Multi-purpose Packages keep desserts fresh for days

Simply Secure™ 8 oz. Multi-purpose Package -1749

Price Per Item: $0.38
Bioplastic 3" cupcake packaging with clear, smooth walls free of BPAs and harmful chemicals.

Single 3" Classic Cupcake & Muffin Package -0111

Price Per Item: $0.37
12-pack 2.5" Mini Cupcake & Muffin container filled with yummy orange and green cupcakes with sprinkles.

12-pack 2.5" Mini Cupcake & Muffin Package -0898

Price Per Item: $0.76
compostable donut box for 6 donuts for eco-friendly bakery

6-pack 3" Donut & Bar Package -0160

Price Per Item: $1.50
dessert to-go container made of clear, compostable bioplastic with pan au chocolat

Single 3.75" Dessert or Treat Package -0122

Price Per Item: $0.50
compostable container for 6 cookies on drying rack with small batch baked goods

Single Row 6-pack 2.75" Cookie & Bar Tiered Display Package -0006

Price Per Item: $0.64
1.75" 12 pack treat package made of clear, compostable plastic containing assorted macarons

1.75" Macaron & Treat Package - 12 pack -0113

Price Per Item: $0.64