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Earth-Friendly Fruit & 

Veggie Packaging

This certified compostable and recyclable packaging is made with up to 99% plant-based material and no chemicals of concern. It will keep your greens (and reds, yellows and oranges) fresh from farm to table. 

Leafy Micro Greens

From farm to table, our leafy green & microgreen packaging will make sure your goodies romaine farm fresh.


Keep your greens bright and blemish-free with our durable certified compostable plant-based packaging.

Berries & Tomatoes

Crystal clear, durable, and built-in sealable snaps to keep portions fresh. Say hello to the hero of your harvest.

Better Everyday Products®

Made From Plants, Not Petroleum

Our eco-friendly packaging combines the best in plant-based materials with amazing design and function. You and your customers will be able to enjoy everyting at it freshest! Learn more about how we're making good with purpose.

Featuring venting and interlocking button snaps along with a durable design and uber stackability, our produce containers will keep your fruits and veggies tasting oh so fresh, no matter what size or shape. Don't see the perfect fit for your fabulous creations? 

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Our Most Popular Fruits & Veggie Packaging

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