Plant Based Packaging | Plant Based Deli Containers | BPA Free
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Deli & Prepared Meal Packaging

No matter how you slice your sandwich, toss your salads or roll your sushi, you need things to be uber-fresh and looking scrumptious. Made with 99% plant-based materials and no BPAs, phthalates or other nasty stuff, our certified compostable deli & prepared meal packaging will love up your food as much as it will the planet.

compostable deli container with 6 nigiri sushi elegantly diagonal

Hot Grab & Go

Say buh-bye to mushy paper trays! Our zero-waste 16, 24 and 32 oz. Microwavable To Go Containers are durable, leak resistant and designed for hot stuff. Made from 97% plant-based material, they’re commercially compostable containers and come in three hawt colors (because black is on its way out, btw). Cover up with two great lid options for deli take-out or delivery: an everyday anti-fog lid for crystal clear visibility on your store shelf or a translucent lid that your customers can pop right in the microwave.

Cold Grab & Go

Seems like everyone loves sushi these days, and some trends, you’ve just got to roll with. Yep, we know that probably got an eye-roll, but we can all have some fun while we’re saving the planet, can’t we? Let’s just keep rolling…

compostable deli container with 6 nigiri sushi elegantly diagonal