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Our plant-based packaging for baked goods has nothing to hide.

Alright so we’re just over here making better everyday products® from renewable plant-based materials…

Then we saw you over there, crafting all those delicious healthy baked goods and whatnot and we thought, “I wonder if they’re gonna put those healthy baked desserts into eco-friendly baked goods containers?” as we clutched our pearls.

Good ol’ nature gave us everything we need to make sturdy, earth-friendly sustainable packaging for baked goods for folks like you who take all that the natural world provides, and turn it into oh-so scrumptious healthy baked desserts. So say bye bye to petroleum-based packaging and hello to earth-friendly clear cupcake containers, macaron boxes and other sustainable alternatives. Let’s get started…te

1.75" 12 pack treat package made of clear, compostable plastic containing assorted macarons

1.75" Macaron & Treat Package - 12 pack (0113)

Price Per Item: $0.64
12-pack 2.5" Mini Cupcake & Muffin container filled with yummy orange and green cupcakes with sprinkles.

12-pack 2.5" Mini Cupcake & Muffin Package (0898)

Price Per Item: $0.76
Biodegradable 12-pack 3.25" Cupcake & Muffin Package made of clear, compostable plastic beside an assortment of tulips and cupcakes

12-pack 3.25" Classic Cupcake & Muffin Package (0222)

Price Per Item: $1.85
16 oz. Multi-purpose Clamshell Package (9006)

16 oz. Multi-purpose Clamshell Package (9006)

Price Per Item: $0.47
Multi-purpose (9"x 8"x 1.75”) Hinged Tray (1745)

Multi-purpose (9"x 8"x 1.75”) Hinged Tray (1745)

Price Per Item: $0.61
compostable to go container for 2.5 inch dessert

Simply Secure™ Single 2.5" Dessert Package (1401)

Price Per Item: $0.46


OK great, so these things are all made from fancy not-plastic-plastic, but do they work? 

The way we see it, everyone has a job to do around here. Yours is to delight our taste buds with delicious healthy baking; ours is to make eco-friendly baked goods packaging that works. And work, it does. Check ‘em out. 

Oh and hey, if you’re going full Goldilocks and need something that’s just right—like clear cupcake boxes for your vegan and gluten-free desserts or individual portion-control containers for your snack-sized energy balls—we’ve got a team of in-house engineers who’d love nothing more than designing you your very own custom package

Donuts and Cookies in containers, Yum!


Perfect for everything you can imagine, and probably a few things you can’t imagine. Also leaves nothing to the imagination (not a coincidence). Click here to view our full multi-purpose collection.

Special custom made package for these delectible treats!

Specialty Bakery

Bare it all in our clear bakery containers made to showcase your tastiest treats. Works for macarons, macaroons, and everything in between. To check out our full assortment, click here.

"Barbie" cookies in a Tamper Evident food packaging container.


Hands off. Unless it’s yours! Tamper evident containers keep the goods inside, and everything else out. Click here to view all that we've got to offer.

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“It is the responsibility of businesses like us to make sustainable choices in our operations. I am so happy to have found good natured - their packaging is not only better for the planet but also works super well for our needs!”