Baked in bio-based goodness, and up to 60% off. Yes, please!

two hearts 

that beat 

as one

Amazing pies and amazing 

packaging… Yes please!

Meet Whidbey Pies’ NEW eco-friendly, 

compostable packaging, made from 

annually renewable plant-based material 

with no BPAs, phthalates or other nasty stuff.

Why the switch to plant-based, compostable 

packaging from good natured®?

Over the last few years, Whidbey Pies has worked to transition all their packaging to this clear, plant-based packaging to match the outstanding quality of its artisan pies.

When a package is composted, that compost is used back in the natural environment to create a variety of things, such as food, landscaping, or to grow more plants for our packaging. Compostable packaging from good natured® is made with the highest percentage of plant-based content, meaning we’re using more renewable materials and less fossil fuels for everyday items. That’s a big win in our books!

Our compostable packaging is made from 99% plant-based materials. Certified by BPI and/or CMA, these products will compost down to mulch in 180 days or less, in a commercial facility where such facilities exist. Smell ya later, literally lol. 

good natured® uses the ASTM D6400 standards to test the compostability of the plant-based materials, which confirms they will break down in a commercial compost facility within 180 days. good natured® is further committed to Federal Trade Commission guidelines to clearly indicate when this will only reliably happen in a commercial composting facility. 

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