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good natured® and ForageGirl Fiddleheads are Reducing the Footprint from Farm to Plate

March 30, 2022(Vancouver, BC) good natured Products Inc. (the “Company” or “good natured®“) (TSX-V: GDNP), a North American leader in plant-based products, today announced that ForageGirl, a brand of Norcliff Farms and North America’s largest producer of fiddleheads, will be shipping this year’s harvest in new custom-designed, BPI-certified compostable packaging supplied by good natured®.

Companies and consumers are actively seeking out new foods with shorter and cleaner supply chains*. ForageGirl Fiddleheads is on a mission to supply fresh, sustainably foraged, fiddleheads to plates throughout Canada and the United States. These vegetables are foraged by hand in New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario – and then delivered in as few as 30 hours to major grocers, including Sobeys, Metro, Safeway, and Loblaws.

Available fresh in early spring, fiddleheads are young ferns that have not yet unfurled into fronds. A nutrient-dense superfood, their growing popularity stems from their delicate, sweet flavour and versatility in a variety of healthy, plant-based recipes.

Established in 1973, ForageGirl Fiddleheads is a second-generation family-run business that aims to transition 100% of its packaging to plant-based by 2023. Collaborating to create a custom good natured® clamshell package helped ForageGirl Fiddleheads retire their previous tray and plastic wrap, which did not match with their long-term sustainability goals or maximize protection of their delicate product. By designing custom plant-based packaging for local food growers, good natured® is illustrating its commitment to making it easy and affordable for business owners to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and have a positive environmental impact.

“Nature is the foundation that supports our lives, and it is our responsibility to take care of it,” says ForageGirl Fiddleheads President Brittany Maranger. “We recognize the importance of doing our part. We appreciate the incredibly nourishing food we have right in our backyard and are committed to being sustainable in every stage of delivering our hand-foraged, preservative-free wild fiddleheads. We steer clear of tractors and industrial equipment to reduce our carbon footprint and we’re excited to extend that focus through to our new good natured® packaging, which is sourced and produced locally in North America.”

good natured® CEO Paul Antoniadis commented, “Our North American focused manufacturing model is flexible and scalable, allowing us to offer packaging solutions to local businesses of all sizes who are looking to switch to plant-based. Our BPI-certified compostable packaging helps our customers reduce their overall transportation footprint, as well as provide more reliable and timely availability of products in the current climate of supply chain disruptions. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with a leader in sustainable foraging and farming practices, like ForageGirl Fiddleheads, to design and deliver customized good natured® plant-based packaging.”

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About good natured Products Inc.

good natured® is passionately pursuing its goal of becoming North America’s leading earth-friendly product company by offering the broadest assortment of eco-friendly options made from plants instead of petroleum. We’re all about making it easy and affordable for business owners and consumers to switch to better everyday products® made from renewable materials and free from chemicals of concern.

Part of the sustainable consumer goods market, good natured® offers over 400 products and services through wholesale and retail channels, including our own e-commerce stores. From plant-based home organization products to compostable food containers, bioplastic industrial supplies and medical packaging, we’re focused on delivering a great customer experience to make more plant-based products readily accessible to more people as the path to deliver meaningful environmental and social impact.

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About ForageGirl Fiddleheads

For nearly 50 years, the mission of our family-operated business has been to connect people with nature through foraged, wild fiddleheads.

Today, we’re North America’s largest supplier of fiddlehead greens. We deeply care about our product, and prudently monitor our fiddleheads from harvest to always ensure freshness. You can expect our fiddleheads on your grocery shelf as quickly as 30 hours from harvest!

Because nature is the foundation that supports our lives, we believe it is our responsibility to take care of it. That’s why ForageGirl Fiddleheads follows many sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. For instance, all our fiddleheads are hand-picked, without the use of harvesting machinery that can negatively impact our environment. We never use pesticides, herbicides, or any preservatives – and our plant-based packaging helps further reduce our carbon footprint.

We are proud to share with you the nutritional benefits, delicious flavor, and unsurpassed quality of our fiddleheads.

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* Source World Economic Forum