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This 99% plant-based, domed package is perfectly suited to meet the demands of the big-boy cupcake and deliver stellar visibility. And did we mention that it's all without BPAs, phthalates or other nasty chemicals? Oh yeah, that too. :-)


Fits up to 2.5" jumbo cupcake liners, plus a swirl of icing.

• 99% plant-based material
• No BPAs or other nasty stuff
• Crush-resistant durability
• Snug fit to hold ‘em in place
• Keep it stackin’ features
• No mess easy grab-ability
• Forever-fresh snappy seals

Made with good natured TFF02000 bio-based material, per ASTM D6866 testing.

Per ASTM D6400, this product is BPI and CMA certified compostable in a commercial compost facility where such facilities exist.

Manufactured in the USA.

UPC: 628528000052

Max base diameter:

Max product height:

Outer dimensions:
3.875"" H x 5" W x 5.5" D