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Magical Plant-based Makeovers

With thoughtful and unique design features, our earth-friendly food containers will make the goodies you work hard to create stand out and sparkle like they should! Choose from over 100+ packaging designs or work with our in-house custom design team to take your product from awesome to “magnificent” with plant-based packaging. 🤯

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Show off your sweet treats like the pieces of art they are! Our plant-based bakery packaging is uniquely designed to amp up the visibility of what’s inside, built with smooth walls, secure stackability and sloped designs- there’s no hiding it!

With built-in resealable button snaps, the delectable taste of “bakery fresh” is here to stay, from your first indulgence all the way to the third or fourth or fifth (because who’s counting).

Amazing makeover of a danish package from cardbord to crytal clear plant-based packaging
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Talk about easy peasy! No matter what’s inside, our multi-purpose plant-based containers are inventory rockstars! With slimmer, snugger designs for shelf space efficiency, super durable crush-resistant strength, and smooth walls to ensure your goods are the center of attention- our deli collections are the total package.

Say goodbye to mashed up bags and hello to protected product and longer lasting freshness!

Metamorphasis of nuts from a poly bag to a multipurpose deli tubs
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Fruit & Veggie

After all that hard work, your precious harvest deserves to stay fresh and protected from farm to table. Our plant-based produce packaging is made with snappy resealability features to make sure your greens (yellows, oranges, and reds) will be freshest bunch in the produce aisle.

Made from ultra durable plant-based materials and equipped with secure stacking features, your fragile grown goodness will stay smoosh and bruise-free during transport.

Transformation of the herb packaging from a plastic bag to a Food package with a hang tag
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Specialty Bakery

When it comes to showcasing your sweet masterpieces it’s all about the perfect fit. Make your products shine on the shelf with our specialty plant-based bakery packaging that features smooth and clear walls and lids for an attention-grabbing moment.

No more watching things slide around all willy-nilly, we’ve designed our containers to optimize space, hug the curves of your delicate treats and hold everything in place.

Macarons in an carboard box transformed with a beautiful clear treat package

Ta-da! We get the important stuff like maximizing shelf space, enhancing product visibility, keeping goodies super fresh and easy to grab n’ go.

Contact one of our earth-friendly wizards to unlock the magic of your own plant-based packaging makeover, like, pronto!

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