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      Better everyday products® that are good for the home and great for the earth.

      At good natured®, we are on a mission to make it simple, easy and affordable for both consumers and retailers to adopt earth-friendly products that are better for the health and wellbeing of our planet, and all the people on it. 😊

      The sustainable segment of the fast-moving consumer goods industry continues to grow rapidly as consumers  demand that manufacturers and retailers offer more earth-friendly alternatives. Well, in short, we hear you!

      Introducing our brand spanking new collection of home and kitchen products made from rapidly renewable resources and without any BPAs, phthalates or other nasty chemicals of concern. From certified compostable tableware to reusable food storage bags and bin bags, these puppies are just the ticket for those of you looking to kick fossil fuels curbside.

      So, if you’re a category manager seeking out something fresh and innovative or you are looking for that one brand to deliver a consistent look and feel across all categories on the shelf, keep on reading to learn more.

      Wraps and Bags

      In 2018 the combined annual sales of food storage and bin bags was $4.9 billion in the United States alone! Try and wrap your head around that for a second. 😉 Get in on the act with our uber versatile food storage bags great for freezing, packing, storing, and stuffing and our tough guy bin bags suitable for the most popular 13 Gal bins. Clean up and get organized while helping the planet at the same time, sweet!

      Plant-based Freezer Zipper Bags


      SKU: HBF00003

      • Made from 69% plant-based content and no nasty chemicals.
      • Leak resistant for a messless freezer.
      • Durable design is perfect for freezing, organizing or packing for travel!

      Plant-based Sandwich Zipper Bags


      SKU: HBF00002

      • Made from 69% plant-based content and no nasty chemicals.
      • Perfect for storing, packing and organizing.
      • Durable design locks in freshness.

      Plant-based Tall Bin Bags


      SKU: HBT00002

      • Made from 56% plant-based content
      • No BPAs or other nasty chemicals means toxins won't seep into the environment
      • Handy drawstring makes closing and carrying a cinch
      • Tough guy durability resists punctures, seeps & leaks so trash stays where it belongs - in the bag!

      Compostable Tableware

      From food trucks and festivals to BBQs and parties, single use tableware is on the rise, and as pressures around food contamination in the waste stream increase, compostable products are being favoured to create a closed loop system! 💚

      We dig that. But we also know that it’s gotta be more than just eco-friendly, and when it's time to perform, step up to the plate! So, from sog-proof plates and bowls that are soooouper durable (‘cause no one wants a soggy bottom!) to oh-so chic matte black cutlery that is so tough it can withstand the dishwasher, we’ve got it covered!

      Tree-free Dinner Party Plates


      SKU: FSR00005

      Tree-free Dessert Party Plates


      SKU: FSR00004

      Tree-free Small Party Bowls


      SKU: FSR00007

      • Tree-free plates made from rapidly renewable sugarcane
      • Soggy proof oil resistant material
      • Tough guy durability means super cut resistant & no sagging
      • Wide rim for added strength and easy grabability
      • Passes ASTM D6400 test to commercially compost

      Compostable Party
      Knives / Forks / Spoons 


      SKU: FSR00001 / SKU: FSR00002 / SKU: FSR00006

      Compostable Party Flatware


      SKU: FSR00003

      • Made from 97% plant-based content
      • Contains no BPAs, phthalates or other chemicals of concern
      • BPI certified compostable
      • Withstands high heat (185ºF) and won’t melt or deform
      • Extra-long design and matte black finish for premium look and feel

      Compostable Hot Party Cups


      SKU: FSR00008

      • Made from 100% plant-based content
      • BPI certified compostable
      • Armed for boiling liquids
      • Double sealed seams for added strength and no seepage

      Bins & Totes

      Are you on the lookout for something unique in the home storage space? How about a family of products that snuggly nest inside each other for maximum shelf space efficiency? Well say hello to our family of super durable recycling bins and collection of stackable storage totes available in fresh modern colours.

      Made from 90% plant-based material and without BPAs, phthalates or other chemicals of concern, these little gems can help your customers clean up, get organized and kick fossil fuels to the curb at the same time!

      Plus, all are available in retail-ready pallets so you can spend less time merchandising and more time serving your customers. 👍

      3 Gallon/11 Liter Desktop Recycler


      SKU: HBR00943

      14 Gallon/53 Liter Curbside Recycler


      SKU: HBR00940

      6 Gallon/25 Liter Handy Recycler


      SKU: HBR00942

      41 Quart/39 Liter Tall Recycler


      SKU: HBR00941

      41 Quart/39 Liter Tall Recycler


      SKU: HBR00086

      • Made from 90% plant-based renewable content
      • No BPAs, phthalates or other nasty stuff
      • Ultra-durable, dent resistant material
      • Sturdy handles for easy portability
      • Smooth walls for easy-peasy cleaning

      6 Gallon/25 Liter Handy Tote


      SKU: HBT00945

      6 Gallon/25 Liter Handy Tote


      SKU: HBT00946

      6 Gallon/25 Liter Handy Tote


      SKU: HBT00947

      • Made from 90% plant-based renewable content
      • Contains no BPAs or other chemicals of concern
      • Sturdy handle that means easy transport and super stackability
      • Neatly nest inside each other for max space efficiency
      • Heavy duty durability to last the test of time

      Interested in learning more?

      If you like what you see and want to speak with us about getting some samples in your hand, fill out the form below or get in touch via email 😘