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Texas-based L&L Farms and good natured® Providing the (Plant-based) Fuel to Sustainability Minded Grocers

November 29, 2022 — (Vancouver, BC) good natured Products Inc. (the “Company” or “good natured®) (TSX-V: GDNP) (OTCQX: GDNPF), a North American leader in plant-based products, is pleased to announce that L&L Farms will begin packing its spinach in good natured® BPI-certified compostable plant-based packaging for the largest privately held grocery chain in Texas.

L&L Farms spinach in good natured sustainable packaging

L&L Farms is a family-owned and operated farm located in the Winter Garden area of Southern Texas. Winter Garden is known for its year-round production of vegetables such as spinach, arugula, and cabbage – generating around 20 million pounds of harvest each year for grocers and processors throughout the United States. Retailers are increasingly requesting suppliers to deliver products in eco-friendly packaging to help them achieve sustainability objectives and respond to emerging regulatory requirements specifying the use of more renewable materials in their operations. The Company’s recent acquisition of Houston-based Formtex Plastics has opened up additional capacity to meet demand for domestic production of essential goods coming from this region and throughout the United States.

Demand for eco-friendly packaging continues to grow despite other economic down-shifts in the market. Grocers and food producers alike are forging ahead with sustainability mandates as pressure from key stakeholders, consumers and NGOs is on the rise. Plant-based or “bioplastic” packaging, including both non-biodegradable and biodegradable formulations like those offered by good natured®, is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 14.6% through 2026 to reach a total market size of USD 37.3 Billion by 2026.

“We’ve always prioritized land stewardship on our farm, striving to promote efficient and sustainable farm practices, because we see the connection between how our actions affect the environment,” says Brandon Olivarria, Sales Manager at L&L Farms. “By working with good natured®, we were able to make the switch to plant-based packaging that met the expectations of one of our most valued grocery partners and also meshed with our own values to grow and distribute healthy foods that protect our land.”

Paul Antoniadis, CEO of good natured® added, “Our goal is to make it easier for businesses to switch to plant-based packaging so we can collectively create more positive environmental impact. For L&L Farms, that meant supplying packaging that would meet the sustainability requirements of the grocer, while also making it affordable for L&L Farms. We’re steadfast in our commitment to meet each business wherever they’re at on their sustainable packaging journey and offer packaging designed for both biodegradability and recyclability, depending on what’s most important for them to achieve their goals.”

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About good natured Products Inc.
good natured® is passionately pursuing its goal of becoming North America’s leading earth-friendly product company by offering the broadest assortment of plant-based products made from rapidly renewable resources instead of fossil fuels. The Company is focused on making it easy and affordable for business owners and consumers to shift away from petroleum to better everyday products® that use more renewable materials, less fossil fuel, and no chemicals of concern.

good natured® offers over 400 products and services through wholesale, direct to business, and retail channels. From plant-based home organization products to certified compostable food containers, bio-based industrial supplies and medical packaging, the Company is focused on making plant-based products more readily accessible to people as a means to create meaningful environmental and social impact.

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About L&L Farms

L&L Farms believes in producing high-quality produce, focusing on food safety, and using the most up-to-date and sustainable farming practices. We are committed to not only continuing the long legacy our families began but preserving and growing the legacy for future generations.

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Per ASTM D6400, this packaging is BPI certified compostable in a commercial compost facility where such facilities exist. BPI is a trademark of International Biodegradable Products Institute, Inc.