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good natured joins RangeMe platform for retailers seeking plant-based product alternatives

February 5, 2019 — (Vancouver, BC)good natured Products Inc. (“good natured®”) (TSX-V: GDNP), is pleased to announce that its plant-based products and packaging are now available on RangeMe, an innovative technology platform being adopted by leading North American retailers including Albertsons, Whole Foods, Target, CVS, HEB, Publix, Safeway, Sam’s Club and Wegmans.

Modeled after modern matchmaking platforms, RangeMe allows good natured® to showcase its new and innovative plant-based packaging and products directly to retailers and for those retailers to search new offerings based on their requirements. RangeMe has expanded its reach across North America to include over 6,000 retail buyers.

“It’s our goal to remove toxicity from the kitchen, and addressing how food is packaged is one the top ways we’re taking on this challenge,” said Paul Antoniadis, CEO of good natured®. “Our retail customers tell us that one of the key obstacles they face is being able to source planet-friendly products and packaging that consumers now expect to find in their stores. By adding new sales channels like RangeMe, we’re making it easier for North American retailers of all sizes to discover that we offer ready-to-go solutions to transition away from petroleum to plant-based.”

In addition to making available a wide assortment of its top selling plant-based food packaging for bakery, deli and produce applications on RangeMe, good natured® has also listed its full assortment of plant-based home and business products, including Recyclers, Desk Accessories and Compost Collectors. All good natured® food packaging is made from 99% plant-based material, and contains no BPAs, phthalates or other chemicals of concern.

About good natured Products Inc.

With over 100 plant-based food packaging designs, 10 grades of bioplastic rollstock sheets, 30 home & business organizational products and a world class team of scientists, business builders and retailers, good natured® is producing and distributing one of North America’s widest assortments of consumer products and packaging made from the highest possible percentage of renewable, plant-based materials and no BPAs, phthalates or other chemicals of concern.

Committed to doing what’s right for the planet and right for business, good natured® is creating better everyday products® that combine cutting-edge bioplastic technology and the latest sustainable design features that not only look good, but maximize shelf space, drive incremental sales, enhance logistics and boost environmental benefits, all bundled up in a fresh and friendly brand.

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