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Discover our latest earth-friendly innovations made from renewable resources, less fossil fuel & no chemicals of concern.

GoodGuard™ Tamper 

Evident Packaging

Protect your goods (and the planet) with our new plant-based dual-hinged clamshells with a locking tab.


Bin Bags

Uber durable bio-based kitchen bin bags - toss your trash and feel better about the impact on the planet.


To Go Containers

97% plant-based, compostable, stackable, crush-resistant, & microwave-friendly? Yes, please.

Sustainability is at the heart of our business.

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Customer Spotlight - ForageGirl

Click to learn why ForageGirl Fiddleheads chose good natured® products to help them reduce their carbon footprint from farm to plate.

Sustainable Packaging Materials

Eenie, Meenie, Miney … noooo. We’re here to make choosing sustainable packaging materials for your business (& the 🌱) more purposeful.



Who doesn’t love a good before and after photo?!? We’ve taken the fossil out & added plants in its place – it looks so good (natured) on them.