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Eco-friendly Pallet Wrap

Add our super strong plant-based stretch wrap to your sustainable packaging program! A drop-in replacement for your pallet wrapping machine or hand wrap applications, good natured® pallet wrap is made from 51% sugar cane based LDPE to perform and recycle just like the petroleum-based stuff. But with way less petroleum stuff.

Imagine being able to protect your products and the environment all wrapped up in one sweet roll.

1) Strong as a … Just because its plant-based doesn’t make it wimpy. This wrap can run circles around your pallets and then some with up to 180% stretch allowance.

2) End of life. There always is, but don’t worry our eco friendly stretch wrap can be recycled along with traditional #4 LDPE. Not to mention it has no chemicals of concern, so if it ever ends up out of the recycling stream you can feel confident it won’t leach chemicals into the environment.

3) Clarity. Switching to plant-based doesn’t mean you have to compromise on it. Our wrap delivers super transparency for easy bar code scanning and quality checks.

4) Available for hand and machine applications. Nope, no specialized equipment or application techniques required, our multi-layer cast stretch wrap delivers strong puncture resistance and solid pallet stability. Not to mention its quiet and rolls on with ease.

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Middleweight Sustainable Pallet Stretch Wrap
Price Per Item: $32.50
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Lightweight Sustainable Pallet Stretch Wrap
Price Per Item: $31.25
pallet stretch wrap sizes
*Max load weights are provided for guidance only and not guaranteed. Capacity will be optimized in uniform pallet configurations where loads are evenly distributed.

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